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Top 20 Japanese Pornstars Names List 2024

So, you’re ready to jump into the wonderful world of Japanese adult films, right? I hope you’re wearing your seat belts because this is going to be a wild ride like no other. It’s not the same Western-style porn. no, we offer you a completely different erotic journey. The uniqueness and exotic appeal of the best Japanese pornstars add an exciting touch to your viewing pleasure.

Enjoying the exotic oriental magic and scenery of the Land of the Rising Sun, prepare yourself for an exciting adventure that is sure to give you the trip of a lifetime. Trust me, your usual dose of adult content is about to get a major upgrade. Be patient as I share the latest and greatest Japanese porn stars to watch in 2024.

Top 20 Japanese Pornstars List 2024 

Do you like the exotic beauty that rocks your screen? Well, you’re in luck because I’m ready to show you around the Japanese adult film industry. Sit back and relax as we roll out the red carpet of the hottest Female Japanese pornstars, updated for 2023 and ready to grace your screen.

Get ready for a ride as excitement is defined, redefined, and then reclaimed. Buckle up, friends, we love swimming in the area filled with fragrant cherry blossoms. Are you ready to meet the sexiest sirens in the East? So let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Tsubasa Amami

Tsubasa Amami japanese pornstar

This beauty has established herself not only in the dirty world but also as a mainstream actress in the film industry, starring in several Japanese TV shows. My Tsubasa Amami is born on 03/08/1988. Her profile has received over 4,083,152 views and her videos have been viewed over 5,422,109 times. We can see why she is so popular because her youthful appearance will surprise you. Don’t let this innocent teenager fool you. The girl Tsubasa will impress you not only with her looks but also with her skills in front of the camera.

NAMETsubasa Amami
HEIGHT5 ft 3 in
BORNMarch 8, 1988, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
WEIGHT110 lbs (50 kg)

2. Sora Aoi

Sora Aoi Japanese Pornstars

This beauty is one of the leading AV idols of Japanese pornstars in the Japanese (and by extension Asian) porn industry as well as the mainstream industry. Additionally, she has enjoyed a successful career as an actress and singer, earning her idol status throughout the Asian region. As an indication of his popularity, his videos have been viewed 40,400,090 times and his profile has received over 8,887,297 visits. I think it’s fair to say that this is definitely going to explode.

NAMESorai Aoi
HEIGHT5 ft 1 in
BORNNovember 11, 1983 · Tokyo, Japan
WEIGHT130 lbs (59 kg)

3. Eva Lovia

EVA Lovia Japanese Pornstar

Eva Lovia, an extraordinary woman, loves to spend her free time communicating with friends and family. Being fit is this busty girl’s specialty, when it comes to her huge tits she can make any man her slave. The Japanese AV star’s desire to touch and make love on screen is irresistible. Eva Lovia is the queen of orgasm, her orgasm videos are worth watching.

She is also known for her incredible double penetrations, glory holes, and booty scenes. Although Eva works with attractive boys and girls, she says she is a no-nonsense creature compared to the boys and girls who like her. Eva Lovia is a sexy whore who uses her tight pussy and powerful blowjob skills to empty his balls, which is why she is among the best Japanese pornstars.

NAMEEva Lovia
HEIGHT5 ft 7 in
BORNMarch 8, 1988, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
WEIGHT126 lbs (56 kg)

4. Marica Hase

Marica Hase japanese Pornstar

Marica Hase is one of the biggest Japanese pornstars, living the lifestyle of an adult celebrity. With her perky tits, seductive eyes, and silky smooth skin, she’s the type of whore that most refined men keep in their closet. This Java threesome star is in high demand and loves to rub her pussy and cover her face with cock. Moreover, she also loves orgies and is used to giving incredible pleasure to vibrating cocks and pussies. Marika Hase has proven herself to be one of the best porn stars in Japan thanks to her insatiable appetite, naturally curvy tits, and seductive ass. He is still in his new profession and has a long way to go before he is satisfied.

NAMEMarica Hase
HEIGHT5 ft 3 in
BORNSeptember 26, 1981, Japan
WEIGHT110 lbs (50 kg)

5. Asa Akira

Asa Akira japanese pornstar

Asa Akira entered the world of Jav porn after her sexy nude photos went viral. The beautiful Japanese porn star applied for a modeling job, which quickly led to her becoming a nude model. In Absurdistan, Asa is obsessed with latex, tightrope walking, candles, and anything that makes a mermaid’s pussy wet.

Asa Akira will undoubtedly be one of the biggest Japanese pornstars in the JAV industry. Plus, Asa Akira is the kind of woman you can pick up and bounce on your dick all night long because she has a gorgeous round butt and cute little shapely tits. Asa Akira is now one of Japan’s hottest pornstars thanks to her beautiful ass, perky tits, and sensual desire for cock. Of course, she will accept the person with a smile, but if you want to please this sexy seductress, you will have to finish her tight little pussy.

NAMEAsa Akira
HEIGHT5 ft 1 in
BORNJanuary 3, 1986, in Manhattan, New York
WEIGHT106 lbs (48 kg)

6. Rae Lil Black

Rae Lil Black pornstar

Rae Lil Black, the hottest JAV star, is the queen of seduction. She has dark skin, incredible breasts, and an overwhelming sensuality that only a gorgeous woman raised under the scorching sun can boast. Ray loves going out on the town with his best friends and on weekends, especially long walks and beach parties. Rae Lil Black has always had a huge appetite for cock, but this sex doll working in the porn industry says she’s hungry for big cocks more than ever, which makes her one of the top stars in porn in Japan. Any of them. Moreover, this beautiful Japanese actress’ sexy figure, glowing skin, beautiful green eyes, and unique sensuality make her perfect for this list of the best Japanese porn stars.

NAMERae Lil Black
HEIGHT5 ft 5 in
BORN17 August 1996, Osaka, Japan
WEIGHT122 lbs (55 kg)

7. London Keyes

London Keyes Japanese Pornstar

London Keyes is the epitome of what the next princess will look like, with a charming smile and an elegant presence that will have you swearing. Even though she wasn’t born on Christmas, this sweet girl loves giving gifts with her mouth, wind and ass all year round. The talented actress with top model charm has won many fans. You’ll know that this Japanese pornstar is a master at threesomes where she can take it doggy style and bury her face deep in her pussy, but sucking cock is what turns her on the most. One of the best porn stars in Japan, this big-ass beauty makes a great first impression. He is silly, funny and a very good artist.

NAMELondon Keyes
HEIGHT5 ft 4 in
BORNAugust 18, 1989, Japan
WEIGHT130 lbs (59 kg)

8. Rosalyn Sphinx

Rosalyn Sphinix japanese pornstar

Rosalyn Sphinx is one of the popular Japanese pornstars who love to do it and do it. Plus, the JAV star loves sipping wine in the countryside, taking long walks, and riding horses on trails when she’s not filming scenes. One of Japan’s biggest porn stars, Rosaline Sphinx, is a true cock addict and loves to tease. Besides her passion for long and amazing blowjobs, Rosalyn has a natural talent for seducing people. She definitely deserves a place on the list of the most beautiful Japanese porn stars. He has filmed many group videos with Chinese porn stars.

NAMERosalyn Sphinx
HEIGHT5 ft 3 in
BORNJuly 9, 1999, Japan
WEIGHT114 lbs (52 kg)

9. Rina Ellis

Rina Ellis Japanese Pornstar

Rina Ellis is next on our list of the best Japanese porn stars. Plus, the sexy Japanese AV star loves having as much thick load as possible in her mouth, preferably big enough to fill her eyes and hit her throat. This slut goes crazy as she gets her hands on a big cock, squeezes it, and takes the whole thing in her mouth. Rina Ellis uses her wind and cock sucking skills to act like a good whore, which is why she is among the best Japanese porn stars. So don’t forget to check out Rina, that one and, if you want your cock tight, fit and ready to lick her pussy.

NAMERina Ellis
HEIGHT5 ft 1 in
BORNApril 15, 1993, Seoul, South Korea
WEIGHT114 lbs (52 kg)

10. Katana

Katana japanese pornstar

The sensual and angelic goddess Katana Shine is considered one of Java’s top stars. Plus, this hot Japanese porn star has a voracious appetite for rough sex, and she says it would be nice to have two cocks instead of one because she loves anal and DP. Plus, Katana is one of the hottest JAV stars with a strong sex appeal that makes her explore every adult movie available. He also likes to be controlled and spanked a lot due to his submissive nature. Katana has worked hard to achieve her incredible figure and is showing the world her petite thighs and flat stomach.

HEIGHT5 ft 4 in
BORNJune 11, 1995, in Barcelona, Spain
WEIGHT113 lbs (52 kg)

11. Melody Wylde

Melody Wylde pornstar

Melody Wylde is a slim, beautiful, and sensual whore who loves to squeeze her wind and suck the biggest cocks she can get her hands on. Known for her dirty face, extreme ass action, and smirk, Melody is definitely not a real codex. This Japanese pornstar has nice round tits and a cute little butt that’s perfect for an ass.

Feel yourself falling in love with Melody Wylde as your knees shake and your heart swells with excitement. The melody hits all the right notes in a great scene, whether it’s in the office or by the pool. She is considered one of the most famous Japanese pornstars; Let your eyes wander over her beautiful curvy body and perfectly shapely breasts. She is one of the most popular MILF porn stars in Japan.

NAMEMelody Wylde
HEIGHT5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
BORNNovember 14, 1997, Tokyo, Japan
WEIGHT110 lbs (50 kg)

12. Miyuki Son

Miyuki Son pornstar

Incredible one of the top Japanese pornstar Miyuki Son is thick and has a great butt that won’t come off easily. Inspired by all the beautiful models she saw in nude magazines, this successful Japanese actress entered the world of acting with an incredible level of determination, determination, and determination. Miyuki is noticed by some of the sexiest porn producers because she is slim, attractive, and full of sensual charm. They kept her glued in her early hot scenes. Miyuki is one of the biggest porn stars in Japan and she has teased and chewed out many encounters with boys, girls, and groups.

NAMEMiyuki Son
HEIGHT5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
BORNApril 22, 1987, Hiroshima, Japan
WEIGHT128 lbs (58 kg)

13. Ryder Skye

Ryder Skye Japanese pornstar

Ryder Skye is gorgeous, her curvaceous body is just as stunning. Luckily, Ryder generously shares his techniques, and there’s no better way to learn the exact form of each pose than watching Ryder’s naked body flow in detail.

Additionally, you can find this Japanese AV star traveling across Europe every chance she gets, expressing her desire to experience new and exotic places. It’s clear why this beautiful Japanese AV star is on the list of top Japanese porn stars, thanks to her incredibly long legs, curvy butt, and stunning eyes. This beautiful Japanese pornstar will seduce you with her beautiful curves, attract your attention with her introspective thoughts, and above all, she will surprise you with her passion for cock.

NAMERyder Skye
HEIGHT5 ft 2 in
BORNOctober 13, 1978, Los Angeles, California, United States
WEIGHT99 lbs (45 kg)

14. Elle Voneva

Elle Voneva Japanese Pornstar

She is next on the list of top Japanese pornstars. Moreover, Elle Voneva is an innocent and charming beauty with a sweet smile that can break hearts and tease like the biggest porn stars. This hottie has been wowing people all over the country since she first hit screens, and when you look at her beautiful ass and perky tits, it’s easy to see why. Whether she’s flaunting her curves on Miami’s sexiest beaches or stealing big cocks at night, Ellie always looks stunning and is the center of attention. As she loves touching her pink pussy and riding a hard cock, Elle is a member of Japan’s best pornstar club and is one of Japan’s best adult actresses. So be sure to admire the stunning Elle Voneva and her amazing curves.

NAMEElle Voneva
HEIGHT5 ft 2 in
BORNNovember 26, 1998, California, United States
WEIGHT99 lbs (45 kg)

15. Yui Hatano 

Yui Hatano pornstar

Yui Hatano is a sweet, soft-spoken angel who will captivate your heart with her sweet humor and smirk. However, underneath this sexy Japanese porn stars innocent exterior lies a very dirty and submissive whore. Whether Yui is taking a boat ride on the water for a day, dancing with her hottest friends, or showing off a huge booty on set, she doesn’t know what to hold back. Thanks to her years as a dancer, this gorgeous Japanese porn star’s figure is still sexy, curvy and flexible. Plus, this Japanese porn star’s amazing sex skills will drive you crazy in no time. Yui is one of the biggest Japanese pornstars who has slayed and been in numerous scenes with guys, girls, and groups.

NAMEYui Hatano
HEIGHT5 ft 4 in
BORNMay 24, 1988, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
WEIGHT100 lbs (46 kg)

16. Akira Lane

Akira Lane japanese pornstar

Akira Lane’s biggest fantasy is filming a scene where she finds herself caught in the middle of a main street because nothing makes her more nervous than the prospect of someone covering for her in a compromising position. This beautiful Japanese pornstar has a seductive side that simmers beneath the surface, waiting for the right man to ignite her wild passion. Moreover, her beautiful wavy hair, big eyes, and beautiful smile give her an angelic look, which further emphasizes how this bold and busty girl handles big cocks. One of Japan’s biggest porn stars, she has a firm, round butt, juicy nipples, and a crazy desire to cum.

NAMEAkira Lane
HEIGHT5 ft 3 in
BORNJune 9, 1969, Okinawa, Japan
WEIGHT110 lbs (50 kg)

17. Mika Tan

Mika tan Japanese Pornstar

Mika Tan is a famous Japanese pornstar who loves having a big cock inside her. Besides, there is nothing more than a movie in the story of this Japanese porn star. He left his homeland to seek out the bright lights of Smoot Valley, where he found everything he was looking for and more. Plus, with her long, thick hair, ivory skin, and seductive wit, this Japanese porn star embodies the perfect princess next door. He’s also in good shape for sex. Moreover, for Mika, sex is not just a job, she has the ability to stop. The Japanese porn actress says she has never had to fake an orgasm and has had great success having sex with men in their 20s and 30s. She definitely deserves a spot on this list of top Japanese pornstars.

NAMEMika Tan
HEIGHT5 ft 3 in (160 cm)
BORNNovember 27, 1977, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
WEIGHT120 lbs (55 kg)


After seeing all the slutty girls here it’s time to warm up a bit and remind you that you’ve ever looked in porn. The best Japanese pornstars deserve your attention. Get some wipes and lube ready, things are going to get homely around here.

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