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9 Must Follow Bedroom Etiquette when having sex with Escorts

Most of the time men were very desperate for intercourse and forget to enjoy to moment so today we will discuss the best Bedroom Etiquette when having sex with Escorts to ensure that your partner has a pleasant experience.

It is a good idea for you to improve your bedroom manners and make it easier to return. While women tend to be more sophisticated when it comes to style, men should still know the rules of the bedroom.

This is just like dating. You can improve your skills and increase your chances of going on multiple dates with a woman. Here are the top mistakes men make in bedroom etiquette. We also have some tips on how to avoid them.

Bedroom Etiquette when having sex with Escorts
  • Personal Hygiene

If you wear the same underwear twice, it’s time to change your habits. Don’t go out without washing your hair or shaven. This will ruin your chances of getting sex. 

It is important to maintain a healthy body odor and breath, as well as keep your pubic hair trimmed. You must take the time to properly groom yourself. 

If sex occurs unexpectedly (which it often does), you can excuse yourself and go to the bathroom.

  • Arousal

After a few kisses don’t jump into penetration. You need to learn and adapt to her pace and desires. Foreplay does not involve kissing, followed by BJ, and then the intercourse they show on porn videos. 

Do your best to avoid ripping off her clothes. It’s easy to get caught up in passion and make it look great in movies.

But in real life, someone has to put those buttons back on. She may not be able to notice it, but she will regret it later.

  • No distractions

If you need to get somewhere or your phone rings, don’t interrupt. If you have an urgent phone call, please excuse yourself and return to the original way. 

If you’re expecting the most important phone call in your life, you should not let the ringer disturb you in your bedroom. If the call is very important, they will leave a message or call again. 

It is not worth interrupting your mood by picking up the phone. You might find it more difficult to ignore distractions like a roommate banging at your bedroom door. You can quickly resolve the situation and get back to work.

  • Cuddle time

Don’t leave the bed after you’re done. Cuddling is an essential part of Sex Etiquette and should never be neglected. It is bad etiquette to get up immediately after coitus. 

Although it might not be something you enjoy, you can still get in some cuddle time before you leave the room. Most women value it and expect it. You’ll enjoy it if you take your time and relax.

  • Selfishness

You don’t have to be greedy if she doesn’t stay with you for that length of time. You need to rest for a while because there are many ways you can make her like you! 

Being greedy sexually is not a way to be known for being a loving lover. In an ideal world, all parties should find sex enjoyable. This is not always possible, but it should be tried. 

While it is fine for one partner to enjoy the other’s company without expecting them to reciprocate now and again, giving and receiving should be balanced.

  • Anal penetration – Experiments

While you might be interested in trying different positions, it is important to notify your partner before you do so. Ask her if there is something she would like to try. 

It might seem like a good idea to massage her with chocolate sauce. However, she might get groused. It is not okay to enter a girl’s room without her consent. 

You should explore your anal desires with her before you get too close to the promised land. Unplanned anal sex can be a bad idea because it requires planning.

  • Ejaculate during an oral

If you reach the finish line, announce it. Never ejaculate until she asks you to. It is an Etiquette error to suddenly whip out the riding crops and handcuffs in the middle of having sexual relations.

This will scare her off, even though she might have been open to it. Talk about your fetishes together and share your dreams. You might find you share some commonalities.

  • Slow Sex

It is a good idea to check your Escort’sorgasms first. This does not need to happen during intercourse. Most women require additional stimulation to achieve this. 

It is fine to use your mouth, face, or props to help her get off. You don’t have to stop until she reaches climax. If you are experiencing early ejaculation, Durex, and Performax condoms can help you to last longer.

  • No to foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of making your Goa Escorts Happy with sex. You’ll enjoy your time together if you give compliments to women.

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