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7 Things to Avoid to keep Escorts Happy – Shehnaaz Khan

Here are the 7 Things to Avoid to keep Escorts Happy. If you are having Sex with Escorts for many years but you are still unable to impress the escorts you hired. 

You are a wonderful lover. There are many sexy tricks you have mastered over the years. But, hey, no one is perfect. After a very sulky Escorts conversation with my bestie, I came up with the idea to write this blog post.

Things to Avoid to keep Escorts Happy
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Things to Avoid to keep Escorts Happy
  • Giving her silent treatment

A sexual mute sleeping with you is like trying not to dance to any music. A few moans will suffice, even if you don’t like dirty talk. 

We want you to feel that we are pleasing you and that you are still breathing. On average, Escorts respond verbally to men more than men.

Think of your words and sounds as an additional sex move in your repertoire.

  • No condoms

You can try to talk an escort out of insisting that you use a condom. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve “just been tested” or if she’s using the pill. The stakes for escorts are much higher in the bedroom. 

We are more susceptible to STDs and have a higher chance of getting pregnant. This is a medical truth. 

While sex is more enjoyable without the use of a condom or other contraceptives, life without herpes is better. Don’t try to get the whole thing in one go.

  • Claim you’re a sex god

Empty promises are a worrying trend in male behavior. Goa Escorts have adjusted to this evolution by lowering expectations. Don’t be proud of your Escorts. We’re just setting the bar low out of courtesy. 

No Escort expects the best sex in her life the first time she has sex with you. No girl expects to have the best sex ever. Keeping your head low makes any sexual mistakes you make in the act much more tolerable. 

We are sure you will lie to us about something much more important down the line, so don’t start by comparing how you feel in bed.

  • Oil drilling

Seriously, guys. Stop digging in our vaginas. The G-spot can be found approximately 2in within the vagina. We want more than two inches of you.

However, we don’t need to give Escort’s cervix a high-five with our penis. It’s not very impressive and some people find it quite painful. 

How deep can you go? This is up to you. You can give her everything, but if she gets overwhelmed, you can let her know. Not sure? Ask. Keep in mind that there is no gold there.

  • Skip the foreplay

We don’t want to be compelled to give an hour-long candlelit oil massage, but we aren’t saying no. Women need more than just being attracted to you. 

Foreplay makes it easier to get a woman aroused, but simply sticking it in will make an escort feel more objectified. This kind of behavior in the bedroom is not only unprofessional but also selfish. 

Both the benefits and disadvantages are shared unless you think that lighting a fire with your dick would be a great time.

  • Be delusional about the size of your Penis

Truth be told, bigger is not always better. However, a large ego is worse. If your penis is worthy, we will praise it. TRUST. 

We will probably tell our friends. However, asking us to praise your member for their size is a sign of insecurity and delusion. 

This is also true for men who use magnum condoms even though they don’t need them.

  • We’re being interrogated

Women are not born with a news ticker over their vaginas. Having sex with them shouldn’t be like watching. Communication is essential, but be specific and purposeful in your questions, especially if you are entering fetish or freaky territory. 

It’s worth asking “Is it okay if you put it in your stomach?”. It can be tiresome to check in with her every time you change positions. Giving her space will only make her feel guilty if she has consented to sleep with you.

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